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Goings On

been without my iMac and iPad for a week!  Talk about withdrawal!  On the bright side I started Three face paintings.  I am trying to learn both fantasy and realistic faces and a combo.  I an taking nag several classes and really, I am way behind.  But I have gotten a stenciled face piece in my fiber groups yearly show which was so exciting for me.  When I learned it got an honorable mention I was so thrilled!  We hang the show tomorrow no it opens tomorrow night.  Our reception is at closing.  I will post on that another time. Here are some “cute faces I worked o. To counter my withdrawal. None are finished.  Closest is the middle.  I used Stencil Girl stencils in layers on the background and the new words stencil from Jessica Sporn with some Seth Apter words too.  I really like how it worked out.

You can see the influences I these.   The classes are from Jessica Sporn and also just following her work, year long classes Lets Face It and Life Book, Mindy Lacefield and many favorite artists participating in these classes. I also love Pam Carriker, Ivy Newport and many more.  I do find their art wonderful. And intimidating as I try to learn.

I plan to be back sooner this time now that I am all repaired. See you then!

Happy New Year – Permission to Play

Happy New Year!  I intended to post yesterday but all my new year groups started.  What fun.  At first I put pressure on myself to try to do all activities and froze.  Then I reminded myself that this is FUN and learning.  I am working on my warm up for Lifebook and word for the year.  That word is TRUST. So, I have to trust in myself and that I will do what helps me grow.  I have to trust in the universe that I will survive and bloom and love.

Have you checked out Carolyn Dube’s Permission to Play free workshop? Permission to Play is so fun and Free! I started my “pages” when I first watched it.  Carolyn is so fun and colorful.  I am a huge fan.  Here are some of the pages I started.  I am using cardboard that came in my Fancy Feast cat food boxes.  Perfect size and weight and I have an endless supply due to hungry kits.  I have been saving them for something and this is one way I use them.  I also collage on them.

My next post will be about Creative Jump Start , it is so fun.  I have joined the past couple of years.  Last year was my year for art and I got so much from it.  Love Nathalie.  You all should join.


Arty Time of Year

It was an exciting weekend full of friends and art.  Friday several of my Dallas Fiber Artist friends had an opening at the Plano Art Center.  The new facility is wonderful.  And right in front of the Dart stop.  I hope they get lots of visitors.  Deborah BoschertLu PetersConnie Akers, Vet, Sherrie Tootle, Lisa Covert and others had some beautiful pieces.  I didn’t get pictures so I am sharing friends pictures.image

These are Lu on the left and Deborah on the right. The works were beautifully displayed.

On Saturday three friends sold their works at  Tuffs Brewery holiday event.  Tricia DewayLisa Renner, and Carolyn Skei had beautiful items available.  A wide variety too.  Visit their sites to see.  I bought items for gifts so I can’t show here.

for Sunday it was two wonderful events.  First was Randy Brodnax Christmas show.  This is a can’t miss Annual show with many friends. I always finish up my holiday shopping here.  Fabulous art and a wide variety.  And they serve a wonderful Gumbo Randy’s family makes.  This year I had beignets for the first time ever.  Loved them, they reminded me of Zeppoles that I grew up with.   Suzanne Morgan had her beautiful silk and felt works, Audrey Legatowicz had her wonderful woven works, and so much more.

Then that evening we got to see a panorama of  Deborah Boschert amazing quilts. And so many friends too.

Boy, I didn’t think I had much to post bit I had a lot.  I will show you a sketch I made in my next post.  Thank you for visiting my my blog.