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2017 Stencil Girl and Friends

September 22 to 25.  The time of my life.  I have been FB friends with many of the Stencil Girl people for some time.  I made some vey good ones over time and art.  It all started last November when the weekend classes at Ephemera Paducah were announced.  I knew I wanted to go, but debated a bit and missed the sign up so was on wait list.  So so excited when I got the notice they had an opening.  I jumped and posted for a roommate.  My new friend Georganna responded and the adventure began.j

Seth Apter was first up and I really enjoyed his stencil techniques. After class I visited Ephemera.  Wow, what a great place full of vintage stuff and and Ephemera (of course).  Stamps, paints, all kinds of supplies.  I had to have some of the supplies Seth demoed and there they were!

That night was the opening reception.  Meeting, greeting, food, wine and mini demos. I don’t have the room but many posts showed it.  It looked like a party for sure. Carolyn Dube had a post showing the room.  Boy, couldn’t have been more perfect for her muse!


This is some of us on the patio.  Enjoying the time together. Me, Patty, Lisa and Sherry.

Next up were the classes, so much fun.  First for my group was Pam Carriker and Mary Beth Shaw.

All four teachers, Seth, Mary Beth Traci, Pam.  Two of Pams Journal pages I believe.  Below is my piece from Pams class. We got to try Pams paints which are wonderful.  If you have a chance to try, get them.  I love the turquoise and mustard seed used in my journal.  The colors are amazing.


Mary Beth’s class was experimenting and new techniques they still need some more but look at how cool they look.  Gelli printed are a fave for me and I love the blue partial print. I loved using the fluorescent paints.  I was not as brave as Mary Beth.

Day 2 was Seth and Traci.  I learned so much from Seth about texture, making rust and bringing it together.  My piece uses some words thay are hard to read but say “the seat of the soul” and the other says “all together” I added a little journaling at the end. That is my roommate sitting to Seths right. Also Kiala Givehand and several others.

In Traci’s class it was about mark making, loosening up and transfers. Wait till you see Traci’s new stencils!  Can’t wait.


I realize I didn’t tal pictures at Ephemera except the classrooms.  If you have any please post in comments.  Valorie from Ephemera even picked me up at the airport.  I love Paducah!

Whar a weekend it was.  Take a class there if you can. They even provided lunches.  I know I am forgetting some stuff but for now I have a journal to play in.


New Art Journal Page

This page may or may not be done. Not sure but I believe I need some words.  This page was created using Portfolio oil pastels, Caron d’ache neocolor II and my Stencil Girl stencils.  First, gesso, then I scribbled colors down with the crayons.  I should have taken progress pictures.  I used Traci Batista Circles and baby wipe to remove color as MaryBeth showed in her most recent FB video.  I used Roxanne Stout stencil for the butterfly with gold texture/crackle paste and then Seth Apter’s Nov 2015 Club stencil with my precious Golden heavy body Quin Gold for texture.  Now to decide on words and finishing touches.

Some Updates

Wow, it is crazy time for me.  I haven’t posted my other projects from the art Journaling live event but still plan to do so.  June 27 was my moms birthday.  It is the first time without her.  Every year I call and sing her Happy Birthday.  Only a mother would put up with my singing too!  I miss her but know she is okay.  No more pain.

I got a job in retail and have a whole new view and respect for these workers.  I really like the people I work with, they are hard working, sincere and fun.  I need to make ends meet and this job is helping.

Last personal update then Art.  My sweet kitty is very sick.  We have been spending lots of time with my wonderful vet. In fact we go again in a couple of hours. He has a urinary track issue that I am hoping he can get through.  He is 15 which to me is middle aged.  He still eats and purrs and cuddles so that is all good.

Now for Art.  I haven’t finished any new pieces but have been experimenting with gesso, watered down paints, alcohol inks and Wendy Vecchi’s archival reinkers and alcohol.  Of course I am using my favorite Stencil Girl stencils too.  Squeezing in art is always a good thing.



Goings On

been without my iMac and iPad for a week!  Talk about withdrawal!  On the bright side I started Three face paintings.  I am trying to learn both fantasy and realistic faces and a combo.  I an taking nag several classes and really, I am way behind.  But I have gotten a stenciled face piece in my fiber groups yearly show which was so exciting for me.  When I learned it got an honorable mention I was so thrilled!  We hang the show tomorrow no it opens tomorrow night.  Our reception is at closing.  I will post on that another time. Here are some “cute faces I worked o. To counter my withdrawal. None are finished.  Closest is the middle.  I used Stencil Girl stencils in layers on the background and the new words stencil from Jessica Sporn with some Seth Apter words too.  I really like how it worked out.

You can see the influences I these.   The classes are from Jessica Sporn and also just following her work, year long classes Lets Face It and Life Book, Mindy Lacefield and many favorite artists participating in these classes. I also love Pam Carriker, Ivy Newport and many more.  I do find their art wonderful. And intimidating as I try to learn.

I plan to be back sooner this time now that I am all repaired. See you then!

Happy New Year – Permission to Play

Happy New Year!  I intended to post yesterday but all my new year groups started.  What fun.  At first I put pressure on myself to try to do all activities and froze.  Then I reminded myself that this is FUN and learning.  I am working on my warm up for Lifebook and word for the year.  That word is TRUST. So, I have to trust in myself and that I will do what helps me grow.  I have to trust in the universe that I will survive and bloom and love.

Have you checked out Carolyn Dube’s Permission to Play free workshop? Permission to Play is so fun and Free! I started my “pages” when I first watched it.  Carolyn is so fun and colorful.  I am a huge fan.  Here are some of the pages I started.  I am using cardboard that came in my Fancy Feast cat food boxes.  Perfect size and weight and I have an endless supply due to hungry kits.  I have been saving them for something and this is one way I use them.  I also collage on them.

My next post will be about Creative Jump Start , it is so fun.  I have joined the past couple of years.  Last year was my year for art and I got so much from it.  Love Nathalie.  You all should join.


One month later

Today and all week I have been thinking of my mom.  I lost her in October and nearly lost my brother.  The blessing was that I went home to NJ and got to see many of my relatives and sisters and brothers.  That was so heart warming.  I also sat with my mom in the quiet of the night and held her hand as she passed.  I think she let when I briefly fell asleep.  Things are not always great in families, but love is strong and brings us all together.

I started a collage painting quite a while ago. It sat and sat. Then I colored over the background and painted the stamped face. Today I took it out and added the heart and body. Still a work in progress. When I pulled it out to work last night and today I was thinking of love, loss, blessings and grief. So this will be a tribute to my mom and my brother who passed 5 years ago, the same timeframe I lost my job of 22 years. It will represent leaving some things behind, holding some in my heart and moving on. Still a WIP, things take time to become what they are meant to be.




I Love Stencils & My Gelli Prints

Have you tried Gelli printing?  I think many if not all of us have.  It is so fun and I often get carried away making my prints.  I am so addicted.  Books, canvas covers, collage, everywhere!  I use them in most of my art.  Check out Gelli Arts for videos and lots of great stuff.

And stencils?  Oh boy do I love and use them.  I am a member of Stencil Girl Club  they have wonderful stencils, videos and fabulous artists. Another thing I am addicted to.  I will be talking more abouts stencils and companies going forward but wanted to start here.  Check out all the wonderful stencils they have.  So fun.