Cooler and Making Art

So it is much cooler here.  80s with lower humidity. Yay. Hoping it stays this way.  I am signed up fore a couple of classes. One is at I love the fluid art class.  I don’t have stuff to show yet but soon. The weather has somehow motivated me.

I do want to mention a book I love. It is both beautiful and sad. “Ghosts of Gone Birds”, resurrecting lost species through art.  I got it a couple of months ago when I was feeling so many losses.  I read it and set it aside.  I am ready to look again. Here is what the covers look like. A beautiful book by accident.  They were packing it away for clearance sale.  I begged to buy it. $3.00!

Have I told you I love birds as much as cats?  I hope some of this will inspire my art.  Have an artful day.


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