Art Group Monthly Meeting

I belong to an art group that happens to be a favorite group of friends.  Each is so talented and fun.  Today Jeanne showed us a project using a photo transfer technique.  It was beautiful and fun. Jeanne has an affinity for old worn things and her work is always soft, textured and beautiful.  She also showed us a cool rust technique.

Everyone’s work was so different and unique from holidays, to the beach to childhood. They looked wonderful.

I didn’t get pictures of the work in progress but I did get photos of the samples.  You can see how delightful the project is.     I Have to get the name of the book we used. Here are the samples. What a great day.


3 thoughts on “Art Group Monthly Meeting

    1. Hu Judy, it was s interesting. You take a high contrast copy and cover with clear adhesive like for laminating. Use a burnishing tool to make sure it is well adhered and leave overnight. Next day dampen with water and rub off paper. Like a packing tape transfer. We used another copy of picture and graphite paper to trace the parts you want to color in. Another post coming soon.


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