Happy Thanksgiving

And so the holidays begin!  Lots of things to do, hours to work, etc.  I am quite happy with myself as I lost a little weight.  That always seems to be a struggle.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to a fun weekend.  I am doing some art projects.

Here are some ideas I am playing with using my club stencils from Stencil Girl.  Last post had the links for the November set.  Here we also have play from some prior months too. These are on top of my very full box of stencils.  I need a new box for sure!


Last time I posted about my art group project.  I still haven’t finished mine but here are some pictures from my friends.  The first two are from OLGA and Traci.  The third is my background.  The next are my mom in the 40s and my baby sister. Not sure which I will use.


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