Mind, Body, Spirit Event

Today I helped support Dallas Area Fiber  Artists and CCYoung at The Point.  What a wonderful facility and event.  I love the people working there as well as the wonderful residents.  This event promoted health, well being and living to your fullest.  There were community service organizations, healthcare, exercise, essential oils, weaving guild, beading guild, etc.  Participating in this event was an honor and such fun.  And they served Watermelon Water which I loved!

Our fiber group is such a unique group as we embrace all of the fiber arts.  We have had sculptures, quilts, weaving, collage, felt, dying and all kinds of activities and techniques!  Such a wonderful guild.  We embrace all and this gives us a versitile and unique art group.

I took a few pictures of our table to share.  Used my old iPad so they are a bit dark.  And that is Carrie doing some needle point in the picture.

Another great thing about this group is talent.  Award winning quilters, weavers and others.  We have one member doing a book signing at our next meeting.  It is none other then Deborah Boschert, are you familiar with her beautiful work?  Her blog is Deborah’s Journal and she has interviews and sneak peeks at the book. If you visit the posts you could win the book!  If you are in the Dallas area, please go to our site (link above) and come in October to get a signed book and participate in a make and take.


Have a great week.



New Project and Upcoming Surprise

I really thought I would post once a week but looks more like once a month with random stuff in between.  Been working a bit so that takes away from art time.

I have a couple of things coming up.  One is a special post for October 5.  More to follow on that in a future post.  Another is that I am working on a class for January.  I submitted my writeup and supply list, hoping to hear back on that soon.

And here is a sneak peek at a holiday project I am working.  It is at the beginning stages so this is a very early peak.



She is just a rough sketch at this point.  I started to sketch het and then next I knew ther was some color.  Now I want to think and play more. I have 4 sides bit maybe only one will have an image.

A Few Days at Home

I was stuck home for a few days and was driven to art.  This play gave me uninterrupted time for experimenting with color, texture and my supplies.  I love layers and really enjoy trying out ideas.  This is the end result of these days of play.  I like it a lot bit see things I would change.  Like I would leave out the flouresent yellow and bright green maybe.  Or just push them back a bit.  This one took time because I had to set it aside frequently.  I would get to a point I liked but didn’t know what else to do.  Then I would do something and hate it.  I never did the white background pushback before but this worked really well for the heart.  I may do more, it doesn’t feel done but back to work this afternoon so it’s done for now.


These below are background play.  I like them and will continue over time to turn them into art.  They look a bit like wallpaper too. At least the first two. Now I need to create some collage papers.



I worked on it some more.  Used the purple from the butterfly to add words and marks. Some of it I like, some not so much, but that is what a journal is for, right! What did I learn?  It was hard to get the paint to stay put where the portfolio crayons were used.  Also, pen work wasn’t working. But I love using Mary Beth‘s subtractive technique. There is a closeup where I added the Quin gold dots.  That turned out to be subtractive and additive as it removed the crayon!


New Art Journal Page

This page may or may not be done. Not sure but I believe I need some words.  This page was created using Portfolio oil pastels, Caron d’ache neocolor II and my Stencil Girl stencils.  First, gesso, then I scribbled colors down with the crayons.  I should have taken progress pictures.  I used Traci Batista Circles and baby wipe to remove color as MaryBeth showed in her most recent FB video.  I used Roxanne Stout stencil for the butterfly with gold texture/crackle paste and then Seth Apter’s Nov 2015 Club stencil with my precious Golden heavy body Quin Gold for texture.  Now to decide on words and finishing touches.

Art Journals and Booklets

I have made a couple of art journals.  These are quite small so I can carry them in my purse maybe with some small stencils, pencil and crayons.  They are made with Stencil Club stencils and some home made stamps.  One cover is felted, the other is on paper. Both use mixed media paper by Canson.

I used all of the stencils from January 2016, they feel like a party on the page especially with the layers and layers of colors.  The felted piece was designed with the March 2013 medium stencil and a little artistic license.  Such fun! Stencil Club Jan2016Stencil club March 2013

Part 3 AJLive

This is my final Art Journal Live post.  Gina taught water color.  I don’t really do water color but this was fun.  We used Daniel Smith tube colors which were wonderful I did a butterfly,should say tried, not very good but it’s a first try. And Gina showed us how to do these cool hearts which I loved doing.  Pretty cool technique.

I Hope you enjoyed this post.  I am looking forward to getting the AJ Live video so I can try these hearts again.  It was such a full day I can’t quite remember how to do them.


Art Journal Live continued

Are you sensing I am not finishing things.  Boy! Going back to work has really taken away from art time.  The good news is I am still doing art such as quick sketches, color play, etc.  not much worth publishing, but keeping my skills.  I haven’t gotten my Gelli out in a while. That is on my list because it happens to be a love of mine.

This post is to show you more of AJLive.  I can’t wait to get the recording so I can relive it. If you get the opportunity to go, do it!  If you can, buy the DVD.  Here are the results of the Nathlie Kalbach and Jodi Ohl class segments.  We got to use Nathalie’s very cool stamp/stencil set and Jodi’s flirty bird backgrounds felt like a party on paper! The last three pictures are borrowed from Nathalie with permission and are of the class.  You will love the class, Cloth Paper Scissors/F&W should release it in the November timeframe.  Check out the blogs, also they have posts for AJLive.  Happy summer.

Jodi’s blog is http://sweetrepeats.blogspot.com/

Nathalie’s blog  is http://nathaliesstudio.com/

Inspired Part 1

Have I told you I am doing Life Book this year?  What inspiration this is, some lessons are tough for me style wise but I learn something wonderful each week.  This week Mary Beth Shaw did a bonus lesson.  I loved it.  I didn’t do exactly her way but the intent was definately the same.  This is part one.  I did scribble writing pouring out something that bothered me and was playing havoc with my confidence.  Then burned it.  The result is this wip page. A bit wavy as I haven’t flattened it yet.i can’t decide which way I want it. Once I decide I will add my stenciling.  I used Quin gold (I still have a jar of golden heavy body I am hoarding!).  I love the color and the destructed look.  Part 2 will follow when I finish.  By the way, burning out that negativity was a great release.


Some Updates

Wow, it is crazy time for me.  I haven’t posted my other projects from the art Journaling live event but still plan to do so.  June 27 was my moms birthday.  It is the first time without her.  Every year I call and sing her Happy Birthday.  Only a mother would put up with my singing too!  I miss her but know she is okay.  No more pain.

I got a job in retail and have a whole new view and respect for these workers.  I really like the people I work with, they are hard working, sincere and fun.  I need to make ends meet and this job is helping.

Last personal update then Art.  My sweet kitty is very sick.  We have been spending lots of time with my wonderful vet. In fact we go again in a couple of hours. He has a urinary track issue that I am hoping he can get through.  He is 15 which to me is middle aged.  He still eats and purrs and cuddles so that is all good.

Now for Art.  I haven’t finished any new pieces but have been experimenting with gesso, watered down paints, alcohol inks and Wendy Vecchi’s archival reinkers and alcohol.  Of course I am using my favorite Stencil Girl stencils too.  Squeezing in art is always a good thing.