My Journal Today

I think this is a first, no stencil work!  I love stencils and use them all the time, how did this happen?  I just meandered around my page without thinking is how.  Going through the mail I had a travel add and just cut a picture I liked.  I decided I wanted to do a black background next time I journaled so that page was ready.  I glued the picture on to my page.  Then I needed more papers.  I used an old mailer piece some strips from an old book, etc.  it looked so disconnected.  I added more.  A tiny but of color, penwork,  needed more.  Tore petals from book pages and glued them.  More penwork, a bit more color, scribble journaling and more pen.  Done I think.  Do I need to simplify? Block out? More color?  The overthinking froze me.  So, I decided to post. I will call it done for now and move on.  I need more faces, more stencils, etc.  I really enjoyed the intuitive process and want to do more like this.  May not be “art” but it is me!



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