Artist Crush

Do you ever get art or artist crushes?  I love art.  All kinds.  I have had many crushes. Mostly contemporary artists like Mary Beth Shaw, Nathalie Kalbach, Jessica Sporn, Nicholas Wilton, Rex Ray, Seth Apter, Roxanne Coble and more. I’ve had links in past posts.  Last year’s Creative Jump Start was so enlightening and got me searching.  We had artists who basicically did interpretations of other artists. This gave me several new crushes.  Art is inspiring,moving, painful, joyful, awakening, healing.  Art is challenging and fun. It saves me.

I have been on an adventure this last year, exploring and practicing.  Not always successfully but I’ve been happy trying. For many months I have been trying to find a way to do faces. I decided I am not going to do real life faces. I have learned sketchy faces from Dina Wakely and took  Let’s Face It  last year to learn faces.  I found that I love faces

This past month I have been practicing  the style of my latest crush in my journal.  It is Hayley Mitchell right now.  I am so drawn to the shapes and colors she uses.  It turns out I am working on a fiber piece I started 10-15 years ago that has a similar feel.

Here is one of Hayley’s pieces.  Beautiful right?


Here are two practices in my journal.  These are just for my joy and fun.  The second is still in progress.  I keep my sanity through my journal.  The second is one I did while waiting at the doctors office using only some woodies and my journal.  I was glad I had the foresight to bring supplies. Go check out Hayley’s wonderful art for an eye feast.  I’m sure glad I did.  I hope to be able to get a piece someday.


6 thoughts on “Artist Crush

  1. Gosh, I’m with you. Have so many “crushes”, but sometimes I need to stay away from online classes. My problem is I sign up then they sit in my computer and I don’t have (make) the time to watch and do. Her face is so cool and I love that you are doing a project from years ago. It’s great you kept the project.


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