October Stencil Girl

I am honored to be part of the Stencil Girl Club Voices where I get to sample and post about the months club stencils.  This month we have stencils from Mary Beth’s private collection.  You can see the SG post here Stencil Girl Talk.

I fell in love with all three but the large stencil really spoke to me. I am a New York city girl and it made me see the cities in all forms.  Gritty, construction, high rises, parks, trees, flowers in the midst concrete and steel.  Reflections in windows and water. The 6×6 is very garden/park like to me.  And I love the mini stencil for its curves and knowing how Mary Beth made it!

Well this post is a few days late but here are some of my pieces.  I am still exploring these stencils and will post more as inspiration comes.


2 thoughts on “October Stencil Girl

  1. Hello Denise, thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog I appreciate your visit. I’ve been browsing through your blog and I love your creativity, it would be so much fun to spend time with you and your friends making art. What a shame we are so far away. I really love your Jean Basquiat Tribute. I’m a big fan of his art. There is an exhibition of his art in London next year and I hope to get to that I’m, sure it will be inspiring 🙂


    1. Hi, thank you so much. I always enjoy your posts and today you introduced me to a wonderful new artist, David S. I often wish I lived near favorite artists like you. Maybe sometime after the holidays we can do a challenge or one thing. That could be fun. Keep blogging with whatever moves you. Hugs.

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