Mind, Body, Spirit Event

Today I helped support Dallas Area Fiber  Artists and CCYoung at The Point.  What a wonderful facility and event.  I love the people working there as well as the wonderful residents.  This event promoted health, well being and living to your fullest.  There were community service organizations, healthcare, exercise, essential oils, weaving guild, beading guild, etc.  Participating in this event was an honor and such fun.  And they served Watermelon Water which I loved!

Our fiber group is such a unique group as we embrace all of the fiber arts.  We have had sculptures, quilts, weaving, collage, felt, dying and all kinds of activities and techniques!  Such a wonderful guild.  We embrace all and this gives us a versitile and unique art group.

I took a few pictures of our table to share.  Used my old iPad so they are a bit dark.  And that is Carrie doing some needle point in the picture.

Another great thing about this group is talent.  Award winning quilters, weavers and others.  We have one member doing a book signing at our next meeting.  It is none other then Deborah Boschert, are you familiar with her beautiful work?  Her blog is Deborah’s Journal and she has interviews and sneak peeks at the book. If you visit the posts you could win the book!  If you are in the Dallas area, please go to our site (link above) and come in October to get a signed book and participate in a make and take.


Have a great week.


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