A Few Days at Home

I was stuck home for a few days and was driven to art.  This play gave me uninterrupted time for experimenting with color, texture and my supplies.  I love layers and really enjoy trying out ideas.  This is the end result of these days of play.  I like it a lot bit see things I would change.  Like I would leave out the flouresent yellow and bright green maybe.  Or just push them back a bit.  This one took time because I had to set it aside frequently.  I would get to a point I liked but didn’t know what else to do.  Then I would do something and hate it.  I never did the white background pushback before but this worked really well for the heart.  I may do more, it doesn’t feel done but back to work this afternoon so it’s done for now.


These below are background play.  I like them and will continue over time to turn them into art.  They look a bit like wallpaper too. At least the first two. Now I need to create some collage papers.


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