Art Journal Live continued

Are you sensing I am not finishing things.  Boy! Going back to work has really taken away from art time.  The good news is I am still doing art such as quick sketches, color play, etc.  not much worth publishing, but keeping my skills.  I haven’t gotten my Gelli out in a while. That is on my list because it happens to be a love of mine.

This post is to show you more of AJLive.  I can’t wait to get the recording so I can relive it. If you get the opportunity to go, do it!  If you can, buy the DVD.  Here are the results of the Nathlie Kalbach and Jodi Ohl class segments.  We got to use Nathalie’s very cool stamp/stencil set and Jodi’s flirty bird backgrounds felt like a party on paper! The last three pictures are borrowed from Nathalie with permission and are of the class.  You will love the class, Cloth Paper Scissors/F&W should release it in the November timeframe.  Check out the blogs, also they have posts for AJLive.  Happy summer.

Jodi’s blog is

Nathalie’s blog  is

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