Inspired Part 1

Have I told you I am doing Life Book this year?  What inspiration this is, some lessons are tough for me style wise but I learn something wonderful each week.  This week Mary Beth Shaw did a bonus lesson.  I loved it.  I didn’t do exactly her way but the intent was definately the same.  This is part one.  I did scribble writing pouring out something that bothered me and was playing havoc with my confidence.  Then burned it.  The result is this wip page. A bit wavy as I haven’t flattened it yet.i can’t decide which way I want it. Once I decide I will add my stenciling.  I used Quin gold (I still have a jar of golden heavy body I am hoarding!).  I love the color and the destructed look.  Part 2 will follow when I finish.  By the way, burning out that negativity was a great release.


6 thoughts on “Inspired Part 1

  1. Ah, so that’s what you were describing. Pretty neat. I saw it covering more space, thus being dangerous. Cool therapy. I think I shall always remember the sentiment that art is prayer. Now yours really is.


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