Breaking the Dry Spell

I’m back!  I am doing art again the spell is broken.  Lots of pain and anger in the world right now but I am in my happy place.  I think in times like these art is an oasis and a healing place.  Desperately needed by all of us.  Music, Dance, Painting, Art Journaling are healing.  If you don’t make art you should enjoy art.  Visit a museum, listen to your favorite artist, go to a concert, do all of he above.

This weekend I had the pleasure/honor of spending time with Mary Beth and John Shaw of Stencil Girl. I enjoyed this time so much!  Such kind and generous people and the talent is amazing.  Great fun with them at the Scrapbook Convention.  Wendy Vecchi was there and taught us a wonderful way to make alcohol inks out of her archival ink refills and alcohol.  Wonderful.  I think Mary Beth will be showing this in some of her upcoming posts.

This brings us to Art Journaling Live.  What a great event!  This is my second year going and I love it.  We had 4 instructors teaching different topics.  Mary Beth taught Your Brain on Stencils. We used an interesting color palette of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and a bit of fluorescent orange.  A little black and white to lighten and darken and off we went creating a wonderful textured background.  My  spread is not finished but I have to say I like it a lot.  If you know me, I don’t use these colors ever.  I don’t even know where my browns are! The orange makes it look lit up.  Here is my result and one I did from home. I used teal in my home project.  The photos don’t show the depth and texture of the layers.  Mine needs to lighten up but still fun.

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