Very Little Art Lately

I have to admit I have been going through a dry spell art wise lately.  Weather is quite another thing.  I have loved this spring.  Texas storms are amazing.  Of course I have been lucky and not had much damage or floods like so many. I did et a new roof and some other work, but mostly just enjoying the cool evenings and beautiful greens. My garden has truly benefited from this spring.  Flowers are abundant and what usually Browns by now is healthy, happy green.  My fig tree is full of baby figs and the birds are scoping it out.  The Texas (or Mexican) sage bush is blooming, salvia is like wildfire and my Chaste Tree is amazing.  If I can’t have lilacs I will take my chaste and so will the bees. Oh and vinca is so abundant it is covering my whole bed in back and climbing like Ivy.  In order is TX sage, Fig tree (short but very wide), vinca,Chaste, Chaste, black and blue salvia, and regular salvia mixed with phlox which aren’t blooming yet.  My garden is rather wild because I like it that way.

Since art has not been productive, I will show just a couple of WIPS.  Not much but hoping for some hit of inspiration and my muse to return.  Not to say I am not busy.  I have been looking for some part time work and gardening and spring cleaning, etc.

Pictures are stickers foe collage, my friend Donna Joy showed us how to do them, a painted paper which I hated at first but am now kinda liking, a journal page based on a Dina Wakely video, a really preliminary sketch on a journal page, a sketch of my kitty Savannah, and a face sketch.


I’ll be back soon, hopefully with more art.



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