DAFA Fiber Artists Show

Our show has its closing ceremony Monday evening.  The meeting starts at 6pm bit the show is open daily all day.  It is held at CCYoung, The Point on Lawther in Dallas. If you are in the Dallas area, please come to see the show have some snacks and get to know the artists and organization.  The awards ceremony will be held during the meeting.

Here are some photos of some pieces. Artists in order shown:

Lu Peters, Lu Peters,  Lisa Covert, Lisa Covert, Lis Covert, Lisa Covert, Heather Pregger, Lu Peters, JoAnn Musso (our current President)


All of these works are so wonderful.  Click on the thumbnails to see larger.

More about the artists:

Lu is a magical person.  Her art and clothing work is always so lovely and Zen. Colors and stitch work is beautiful.  These pieces ate so stunning in person.  Her work is varied and she often collaborates with a friend. Lu constantly inspires me.  Given my chaotic style, her work makes me want to strive for more.

Lisa is an amazing talent.  She does Shibori and indigo dying as shown in the hanging. Also she is a wonderful book binder and often inserts her fiber work in the covers.  The other piece is her felting which you can see is beautiful. She also has a wonderfully supportive and talented husband who always helps out.

Heather is a talented quilt artist.  You will see her everywhere quilting and fiber is shown.  She is well known for her tuning fork quilts and geometric style.  I love when she works in bright colors and black.

JoAnn is such a talented clothing maker.  She also does beautiful jewelry pieces.  They are crocheted with beads and often vintage broaches as a focal piece. You can see a fine example in the show. I did bot get a picture of her antique lace jacket as it was against a window which washed it out.  She has presented her beautiful clothing to DAFA and other organizations.  She was very invoked in wildflower events her in Dallas and made many outfits for the events.

All of these ladies are award winning fiber artists.  I will show more in days to come.  I have also posted some pieces in prior posts.




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