I did some mandalas years ago and loved doing them. I have been seeing them in coloring books, you tube, etc. and that has me wanting to create some again.  Mine are simple as I am not a  zentangler person. I like to doodle sometimes but have to be in the mood.  So here are a couple I hope you enjoy.

This first one is drawn with an elegant writer black pen.  Have you ever used one?  If you wet the lines they bleed into blue and pinkish colors. I love the bleed so decided not to color.


The next one is done on a clean up page with stencils and paint marks.  It was a little hard to see the pencil marks though.  Notice that my mandalas are not perfectly symmetrical? I am definitely not perfect but they are fun and very soothing to do. I used color pencils in this one, you can still see the stencil marks throug the pencils. Kind of cool.


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