Shows and friends

It is quite a busy time now that spring is here.  I went to the Dallas Quilt Show and saw many of my friends quilts.  I still have to download the pictires.  So if you need to see those, my friend Deborah Boschert has several posts full of wonderful photos.

I went to the McKinney art club meeting and it was packed with fiber goodness.  I dont know everyones names yet so I can only say the speakers were great.  The first presentation was on stitching and unfortunately I missed most of it as I got lost on my way. Next was a presentation on rug hooking and had some wonderful samples he passed around.  Last was my friends Carol and Carolyn on fiber arts, I mentioned them in my last post.

This weekend was the club show.  First, it was excellent!  The quality abd variety of the art was so wonderful.  The judge was great and had a very hard job!  My friends won ribbons abd it was so exciting.  They had a student show downstairs and I have to say, they are pretty amazing kids.

Lisa Renner won for her clay art doll and Tricia Dewey for her digital art.  Carol Kovacs won 2 ribbons but i cant remember now. I need pictures to help.

I did not get many pictures but do have Carolyn’s that my friend took.  Carolyn won best of show for her Contemporary quilt called “Cockeyed Optimist”. And another for her paper batik. You can see how beautiful she and her work are.

6 thoughts on “Shows and friends

  1. I absolutely love quilts, though I myself can barely sew a stitch. I am currently in the process of reading “The American Quilt” by Roderick Kiracofe, and enjoying learning about the origins of quilting here in the U.S. Great book!

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    1. I have a hard time sewing a straight line! But like you, I love quilts. I loved How to Make an American Quilt and have lots of quilting books but not that one. Will have to check it out. They are truly works of art no matter what style.

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