Friends and Art

I have been trying to do more these days. I got into the habit of sleeping days and up nights.  That made me unavailable and I missed a lot of time with friends.  Most of my friends are morning people.  Now is the time where there is so much to do, fun to be had, etc.  Spring art shows, quilt shows things outdoors and in.  I am working to change my schedule but it is hard since I retired.

So yesterday I went to McKinney Art Club which had a packed agenda. It was my first time to attend.  It’s held in one of the historical buildings  and was packed for the program.  They are also had a mini make and take (ATC). And their show is next week. Several of my friends will be in the show so I will get some pictures.

My friend Carolyn made a small quilt that my other friend Carol K owns in her collection of art. You really should check out her website.  Fabulous work. Carolyn is a great photographer too so she is probably cringing at my bad photo.  But she is sweet and knows I am not a skilled photographer.


I also love this photo of my friends below.  I wrote about a show we were in a while ago.  I just came across this picture again and wanted to share it since this is about friends.  Carolyn is on the far right. And thats my bangs and glasses peaking out next to her. This was our “Circle of Friends” group entry. We are in our favorite little shop, Stamp Asylum where we meet monthly. I think photo shows our personalities too.

April – Tracy – Carol – Olga – Me – Carolyn


More friendship fun in my next post.

Happy Spring,





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