Life Book with Mary Beth Shaw

We had a wonderful lesson with our wonderful Stencil Girl, Mary Beth Shaw. And a bonus class on 10 ways to use stencils!  I love Mary Beth’s style.  I am not so good at it but I did a practice in my small Journal.  It is very graffiti like.  I must have done 10 layers. It got a bit muddy cause I didn’t let them dry between,  I sort of fixed it with Seth Apter stencils.  I picked some words I liked and added them on top of the mess.  I think I used Deco Arts Media Prussian Blue. I also added a “spiral ladder” from  Stencil Girl Jamie Finigal S107.  Love this stencil.  I did some outlines in black and gold, then highlights in white.  Maybe it still needs some paint spatters, what do you think?

So I got something done!  Not much.   Been healing from a fall where I tore my thigh, but and calf muscles.  I was black from bum to foot.  Much better now but will be a while.  Glad I am doing art again though.

I also turned off spell check auto correct.  That makes a mess of words. Hate this version.

Happy March, spring is here in TX!


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