Stencil and Paint Play

I love stencils and paint as you know.  I love messy!  So this week I have been playing with my Stencil Girl Stencils, sticker paper and journal.

My art group met Sunday and  Donna Joy showed us techniqies to create our own stickers. So mich fun. The paper on the left will become stickers or washi tape. The one on the right is massive layers of SG stenciling on Mixed Media paper so may become a background, collage fodder or who knows. The next photo is some stickers made from another paper.

The Frida is a page in a journal I started after watching Carolyn  Dube.  I have been making pages using recycled cardboard.  I am also sending pages out to new homes sometimes.  I stenciled many layers and then used Pam Carraker’s stencil from Stencil Girl Club.  Behind her head is the word Timeless which got covered by the flowers in her hair.  So I may have to stencil again.

So much fun, so little time. Happy creating to you.

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