Chris Cozen Art – check her out

Do you love color?  How about paint?  Do you know about Chris Cozen and her books, videos and classes?  She does beautiful art and her videos are great.  I do not have her latest book yet but it is on my must have list.


Isn’t this fabulous?  Imagine in person.  I have been a bit remiss in posting that I won this wonderful colorful tote.  It is so fun and I get stopped by people wanting to know about it all the time.  I love it, thank you Chris.

Check Chris out here  or on Facebook.  You will be delighted.


7 thoughts on “Chris Cozen Art – check her out

  1. Hi ! thanks for checking my site out and following me…ironic as I was just looking into Chris Cozens online classes. A friend of mine just showed me her latest book and it was love at first sight! So your post just affirmed that! IT is gorgeous!


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