Part 2

So, today I was working on several projects at once. I had a big mess in front of me.  One was the work from yesterday, another was some flowers combining techniques learned in Creative Jumpstart 2016, Lets Face It and Lifebook 2016.

All of a sudden, using distress paint daubber it exploded.  Couch, sweats, shirt, neck, face, etc.  I looked like Tallulah Jade featured on SG today.  Maybe I am channeling her freedom and joy?

What did I do?  Scooped up excess paint, giggled, blotted, picture and moved on.  Here are some pictures. Good thing I was wearing paint clothes!

links: SG Tallulah Jade,  Life Book 2016Let’s Face It


2 thoughts on “Part 2

    1. I stopped, cleaned up and all then took a break for social media. What do I find but SG post. Made me happy and just getting back to paint and papers. I have seen Tallulah and her mom paint several times and love the let it go an joy from them. Today is a very good day.


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