Long Time – Short Post

Wow, it has been over a month!  Too long.  I haven’t been doing much worth posting but I have worked on some backgrounds, sketches and a new project.

Do you watch Donna Downey’s Artist Gang Videos.  They are great.  The project I am doing is inspired by this video https://youtu.be/eUG5h-RHugk

Sometimes inspiration is overwhelming and I freeze.  Other times I get busy.  Just never know.  This is the beginning and may take a while as I am on a cleaning kick right now. This may become two pieces.  I am using Stencil Girl  Stencils by Andrea DeMeng and Carolyn Dube for a start.


Another fun thing was going to the Decadance exhibit at the Gallaria in Dallas. My friend Jo got some great photos, here is one of the three of us.  It is a wonderful collection of fashion and accessories from the 1920s.  I love that era for fashion.  You can see Jo’s posts here:  http://www.appletonstudios.blogspot.com/ She got wonderful photos and posted some on FB.


Have a great week.

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