Year End andFundraising

Do you choose a word for the year and evaluate how it applies to your life or how you are doing through the year. I have chosen words but have not followed up through the year.  Quinn Creative blog is always great and today she talks about this.  She suggests putting it on your calendar on the date of your birthday each month.  I love this idea.  Here is the link and she has a giveaway too.  You should subscribe she is always worth reading.  Quinn Creative

Last night Dallas Fiber Artists had our fundraiser and pot luck.  We had a fun night and many items to bid on.  I bid and won a wonderful little fiber wall piece from my friend Thelma.  She is so fun and sweet.  Funny thing is it is made from fabric Gelli prints from a class I led.  I put several pieces in the auction too.  Here are Thelma’s piece (black, white and gray) and mine.  More to come, I am on a roll!

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