Holiday Fun and Love

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long.  Well it has been busy and I have started a new diabetes med which made me nauseous at the start.  Now I feel wonderful, it is amazing how good lower sugar feels.

My art group Banders had our annual holiday pot luck and art swap.  What fun.  I didn’t get many pictures but want to share my gift from Tracy S.  It is so cool, I just love it.  Tracy makes the most creative swaps ever.  It is the mounted deer head!  Love it.

Unfortunately our fearless Queen, Donna Joy was sick and couldn’t be at the meeting.  She had given me a most beautiful purse/tote bag that I need to share too.  The inside is lined with lovely stripe and a contrasting pocket that Velcro closes.  I am in love with it.  I am afraid to use it cause I ruin purses.  But I intend to use it starting 1/1/16! I need better pictures and promise you and me to do so in 2016.

Tonight is our DAFA pot luck and auction to support our wonderful scholarship fund.  I hope to get some great pictures and post them soon.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Fun and Love

  1. Glad to see you received the really great swap from Tracy! And your purse from Donna is just YOU! Lucky Duckie. AND the new medicine? You’re feeling better is really wonderful. Call me sometime.


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